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Courses Taught and Education

Courses Taught: 

Creative Writing (Fiction)

Advanced Writing Seminar (fiction, screenwriting, creative non-fiction, novel.)

Texas Literature (graduate)

Southwestern Literature

20th Century American Short Story

Crime Fiction and Film

Hardboiled Detective Novels & Film

Western Fiction and Film (graduate)

The West(ern) in Myth and Symbol

Contemporary American Short Fiction (graduate)

Larry McMurtry (graduate)

The American Novel

The Short Story

Modern American Literature (graduate and undergraduate)

American Film

Introduction to the Profession

Film Analysis

Development of American Realism

John Ford (graduate)

Sophomore Honors (The Birth and Death of the American Dream)

African-American Literature

Masterpieces of World Lit.

Masterpieces of American Lit.

Composition, Composition II (comp. and lit.; Media)

Reader for or director of creative writing and American literature theses




B.A. in English and History Southwest Texas State University, 1976

M.A. in English, Southwest Texas State University, 1978

PH.D. in English with Creative Writing empahsis, Oklahoma State University, 1982

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